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Managing Broker

Joi Perkins

Joi moved to Florida in 1989 from Kentucky. She found her love for real estate while in college, when her mom, also a…

Photo of Joi Perkins

Ann Abercrombie

As natives of Jacksonville, Ann and Lin have a familiarity with Northeast Florida that only a lifetime of residency c…

Photo of Ann Abercrombie

Lin Abercrombie

As natives of Jacksonville, Ann and Lin have a familiarity with Northeast Florida that only a lifetime of residency c…

Photo of Lin Abercrombie

Taft Alexander

Photo of Taft Alexander

Alan Aptheker

Alan is a Certified Nocatee Homebuyer Consultant. He grew up in Jacksonville, and lived and worked in the Washington,…

Photo of Alan Aptheker
Operations Manager

Heather Benfield

A native of Texas, Heather lived up and down the East Coast before finding a home in Jacksonville, where she has resi…

Photo of Heather Benfield

Christina Cummings

I truly believe I've made a positive impact in the home buying and selling experiences of my clients. I've formed som…

Photo of Christina Cummings

Matthew Jarvis

Matthew epitomizes integrity, energy and hard work in every detail of his real estate transactions. Matthew moved to …

Photo of Matthew Jarvis

Erin King

For real estate investor and owner Erin King, historic homes feel a bit like kindred spirits. For the past two decade…

Photo of Erin King
Owner / Marketing

Donny Mak

Donny's web design, and complex program development skills have made him a nationally known and respected web design …

Photo of Donny Mak

Victoria Moronta

Victoria lived in Jacksonville from 2014 - 2016, she then moved to Atlanta for a year and recently moved back to Jack…

Photo of Victoria Moronta

Brenda Perkins

Brenda has diversified experience as a business entrepreneur, with the last 20 years dedicated to real estate, prima…

Photo of Brenda Perkins

Marchand Tebbe

Marchand has been a licensed real estate agent since 2005. She and her family have moved around the country so many t…

Photo of Marchand Tebbe

Leslie Wilkins

Leslie has lived in Jacksonville for twenty-five years. Growing up in Jacksonville's Beaches, she experienced first h…

Photo of Leslie Wilkins


About Us

Bloom Realty agents are the most qualified, dynamic experts you need to guide you through the process of buying and selling a home. Learn more about buying and selling with Bloom Realty. 

We believe that a relationship, along with service and expertise, are the primary assets we bring to bear in a real estate transaction. Since our inception, we have had some of the most successful real estate agents in the industry  join the Bloom Realty team. The experience that our agents provide creates our solid foundation, and that leads to successful, seamless transactions - and the kind of relationships that can last a lifetime.

We're active in our local neighborhoods. Through sponsoring, donations, and volunteer work; we're proud to give back to our community. 


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