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Victoria Moronta

Victoria lived in Jacksonville from 2014 - 2016, she then moved to Atlanta for a year and recently moved back to Jacksonville to settle down with her family and raise their first little girl. She loves the Jacksonville community and has enjoyed watching the city grow over the last few years. After exploring both the beach and riverside areas, and loving what they each had to offer, she settled down in the middle, near downtown San Marco. With a degree in healthcare and many years of experience in the field - though she loved it she decided that she wanted to change her career and focus on something more personal and community oriented; that's when she decided to explore real estate. Victoria is also known for her many years of marketing and networking experience, with clients all over the world she fell in love with the personal connections she made and loved creating exactly what her clients envisioned. She then knew she wanted to find a career doing something that was intimate, working closely with clients, helping make their dreams come true.

"I love walking through a home with clients while they discuss the potential of the home, they chat about their hopes and dreams for it. They discuss memorable moments such as raising a family, furthering their careers or holiday gatherings around the dining table. I'm thrilled to be apart of those intimate moments and happy I'm able to help make those thought up dreams become real life memories."

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Office Phone 904.701.0096
Cellphone 352.812.1609

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