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If a traditional listing isn't attracting any serious offers, (or any offers at all), then Bloom Realty’s “Rent-to-own,” or Lease Option Purchase program can find you a tenant/buyer who will sign a contract to purchase your home in as little as 12-24 months.
Did you know that only two percent of Realtors in the nation really know how to appropriately structure a Rent to Own agreement!  Bloom Realty is proud to be among that two percent. We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to properly structuring, negotiating and executing a Rent to Own contract.
  • If you’re thinking about a simple rental scenario – beware!  When you rent to someone who isn't committed to buying your home, you can never be sure that your property won’t fall into disrepair.
  • The Rent to Own  or Lease Option Purchase approach  only markets your home to buyers who are truly serious about home ownership.  Because they have the dream of owning their own home,they’ll take great care of your property with the same pride of ownership you have.
  • It's Easy to Participate.   Even if you already have your home listed with a Realtor, we can work with your Realtor to structure a Rent to Own program that's win-win for everyone. There’s no need to cancel your traditional listing. Ask your Realtor to call us. We frequently partner with listing agents, and we will explain how they can work with us to structure a Rent to Own agreement that’s right for you.
  • You still market your home to conventional buyers. Should you sell your home to a conventional buyer before you get an offer to Rent to Own, that’s great! You have nothing to lose when trying out a Rent to Own approach.
  • Rent to Own homes move much faster than conventional sales. There’s a pool of thousands of potential buyers you’re missing by only marketing your home one way: the traditional way. Our pre-qualified tenant/buyers are motivated, and we market  many homes for sellers in your situation, who have a strong motivation to sell, and we bring a tenant/buyer with an equally strong motivation to become a true homeowner.
Rent to Own buyers must agree to our structured guidelines to be  qualified as a tenant/buyer candidate with Bloom Realty.   Our Rent-to-own tenant/buyers program is designed for success . Tenant/buyers are looking for homes in your neighborhood – contact us today, for information on how the Lease Option Purchase program will benefit you.


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★★★★ February 27, 2013
"Brenda, we just want to say great job. You were always able to find the info we needed on all of those homes we were looking at. If and when we start looking for our next home, expect a call from us."
- Kristi and Garret J.

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