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Home Buying 101: The Nine Steps

Home Buying 101: The Nine Steps

Where do you start?  Hopefully, you’ve engaged the services of a Bloom Realty member to ease you into the process.  But here’s a quick overview in nine simple steps, from start to finish.

1. Get pre-qualified. You’ll be in a much better position to negotiate when the seller knows you’ve been approved by a bank or mortgage company

2. Get ready to work with a Bloom Realty Team Realtor® to help you tour the area – first virtually, narrowing down your search.  Then get ready to hit the road on the search for the perfect home.

3. Narrow your wish list to the top two or three choices. Any more than that, you won’t be able to focus on putting together a cohesive offer on your absolute favorite.

4. Go in with your offer on your first choice.  But be prepared for a counter offer.  This is the first and most critical step in getting to the agreement that gets you into your new home. 

5. Negotiations can go back and forth, but ultimately, that “wow” moment comes into  clear view.  The offer is accepted and you’re ready to go to contract.

6. When you sign and date the contract along side your Bloom Realty agent, we both look it over carefully.  For example, you want to take a good look at details such as the option period and earnest money deposit.

7. Get the property inspected, and if repairs are needed, negotiate with the seller to try and get those repairs done prior to move in.

8. At this point, it’s go time, but it’s time for a very carefully considered decision.  If everything lines up, and you’ve decided you’ve got the contract you want on the home you love, go for it.   

9. The closing. You’ll meet with your Bloom Realty realtor the day before, and carefully review the “HUD-1” statement, which outlines who pays for what at closing.  These costs are negotiable, so your Bloom Realty realtor can be a valuable advocate before you get to the closing table. 

The Bloom Realty Team will help you break down these ten steps into manageable chunks, and work with you every step of the way, so the experience will be more pleasure than pain.  It’s what we do, and we’re here to help. 


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