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Practicing Your Putting in New York City Comes with a Price.

You can find hundreds of homes in our golf Mecca called Jacksonville with backyards dedicated to the game, where practicing putting, chipping and your sand iron stroke are right outside your door. And if you feel the urge to drive or use the long irons, there’s always virtual golf in the family room. But in a in a city where personal outdoor space in virtually non-existent, Rick and Randy Zolstra have a putting green on their balcony.


In the fashionable Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, having an outdoor-livable, golf-equipped space is not taken for granted by this young couple. (Listen up you Ponte Vedra, and Deerwood golf nuts. You don’t know how good you’ve got it.)
Outdoor gardens, pools, and other open-to-nature amenities in the big city are usually reserved for the multi-million dollar Central Park West set, though this Tribeca two level, by Jacksonville standards, was by no means cheap.
The Zolstras thought their realtor was being sarcastic when she mentioned the putting green, but there it was. They fell in love the with apartment (even without the putting green), and while they admit that this unusual feature was not a must have, it is truly a “couldn’t hurt.”
Rick spends just about every weekend day refining his short game, and for their dog Georgia, as you can imagine, it was love at first sight. Wife Randy admits it’s difficult getting in any serious practice while Georgia if running wildly around the green, which the dog, by all rights assumes is natural grass. After all, who would have the heart to tell the dog otherwise? It’s durable outdoor carpeting with a surface as smooth as Augusta National, but without those insufferable dips and rises that the real pros must endure.
In my youth, we drove to Hyde Park for golf, Jacksonville or Atlantic Beach for surfing or beach volleyball, and other attractions conducive to being a teenager. Now I live in a condo, where the HOA won’t even let me put a grill on the balcony, and even it were big enough, 300 pounds of sand would be out of the question


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