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Five things to be happy about in Jacksonville
Way back in 1990, author Barbara Ann Kipfer wrote a book titled, “14,000 Things to Be Happy About.”  I was strolling through the stacks as Chamblain’s Book Mine on Roosevelt about a month ago and I came across a copy.  The [physical] book itself is oddly constructed --  about two inches thick,  but small, about four by six inches, which gives it the appearance of the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionaries that people now over 40 used to carry around campus.  It was dog-eared and yellowed, and $2.00. On some of the items, the author and I might differ.  For example, she offered up that “a baby who doesn’t cry,” is something to be happy about.  I like baby’s crying -- on a plane, in a restaurant or movie theatre – largely because of the enjoyment I get watching the other 99% of the crowd get so peeved. It more than compensates for the irritation...

mls vs Facebook

I've always thought Superman could beat up Batman, but Spiderman could probably take 'em both. Once you get caught in that sticky web stuff, you're a gonner.

So MLS is Superman, with incredible powers. You list on MLS. No dodging a speeding bullet, but (no offense Clark Kent) Superman/MLS is high maintenance. Maybe it can't leap tall buildings, but it's a tried-and-true approach. Patch the holes, paint the bathroom, stage the furniture, hire an agent, and take a huge leap (in this case, a leap of faith). Caviat: I have nothing against MLS - it's a great approach, it's worked for decades, and it'll work when we're all dead and gone. In fact, it is such a known quantity that for most home owners it's simply what you do. It's the home sellers' equivalent of brushing your teeth.

Why I think polls can be simultaneously funny and useless

They poll for everything from what kind of fish sticks we eat, to whether or not we roll from the top or bottom.  Useful stuff, but now for something really scary: nearly 75% of Americans are scared more about identity theft or fraud than they are of horror movies. About 9% are afraid of horror movies, less than 3% are scared of haunted houses and about 1% are bothered by ghost stories. The survey (yes, this was a real survey) conducted by Zogby for TransUnion, also found that those 75% of Americans think about identity theft because they either have, or know someone who has, been a victim of identity theft or fraud. No data on how many respondents reported ever seeing an actual ghost.

Advance Fee Loan Scams

In 2008, just as the banks were reeling from the first sucker punch that is now “the bubble,” the FDIC issued a warning for financial institutions and consumers about advance-fee loan scams, which were becoming more prevalent as the banks sought to bind their initial wounds incurred from the financial fallout. It bears repeating now, when banks are opening up a little more, as some financial experts feel we’ve hit bottom, and the U.S. debt-mageddon crisis is over (sort of)...

Jacksonville Fl

It wasn’t the town’s first name.  Settled by the English who drifted down from Georgia, they set up shop around a shallow ford across the St. Johns River, calling the place “Cowford.”  When Florida was ceded to the U.S. in 1819, Andrew Jackson became the first provisional governor, hence, Jacksonville.

San Marco Jacksonville Road Construction

Actually they’re talking about something closer to $6.1, but what’s 100K when you’re getting real palm trees. One year into the project it’s actually on schedule, maybe a tad ahead, which is a big fat salute the management of a city improvement project.  more after the break...


Refinancing refresher
It’s been a while since the Federal Reserve unveiled its mortgage refinancing website, “A Consumer’s Guide to Mortgage Refinancing.”  It hasn’t advertised it lately.  Not pointing fingers here, but there’s probably no great clamor from the banks (i.e., the FDIC’s customers) to remind borrowers just how much lower the rates have fallen since 2008. It’s a great resource that has answers to frequently asked questions about the refinancing process. You can determine when refinancing makes sense, what a refinancing will cost, and whether to switch into a different type of mortgage:
St. John's Town Center Restaurants Jacksonville
It’s not quite a office pool that’s going to have people huddling near the hand sanitizer, but it’s worth noting.  And fun taking a guess.  Pre-research, I said 30.  Googled and got 32.  With some time on my hands, I drove though the area bounded by Town Center Parkway, JTB, 9A and Gate Parkway. Since you’ll probably read ahead anyway, I’ll just tell you there are 47. The St. Johns Town center’s 1.1 million square translates into approximately 25 square acres. In short, there are 1.8 restaurants per square acre for you to frequent with your husband/wife and 1.5 kids.  See the complete list as of today after the break...
Jacksonville Largest Consignment Store
More than 30 Jacksonville consignment shops have pooled their interests to create a mega-consignment store.  It’s the “Mall of America” of consignment stores. The bargain hunter’s mothership, with 57,000 square feet of upscale resale stuff.  From cars to curios, here’s how it works: The owner evaluates an item, and it goes to the store for 90 days. The first 30 days, it stays at that starting price, reduced 15 percent after those 30 days and another 15 percent for the final 30 days. If it doesn’t sell in 90 days, the owner pulls the item. This is a very wise plan, this 90-day sales method. It prevents the store from ever resembling an upscale version of Hoarders.
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Honoring the 10th Anniversary 9/11

It has been a decade, and the memory of September 11th is just as powerful as ever.  We would like to take this time to honor those who were lost and give our respects to the families.  We shall never forget, we shall keep this day, we shall keep the events and the tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts and take them with us as we carry on.

We Remember

- Bloom Realty


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