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Through the 1960s, Jacksonville, like most other large cities in the US, suffered from the effects of suburban sprawl. To compensate for the loss of population and tax revenue, (and end waste and some corruption here and there), voters elected to consolidate the government of Jacksonville with the government of Duval County.  The move was carried out on October 1, 1968, and Hans Tanzler, elected mayor of Jacksonville the year before, became the first mayor of the consolidated government of Jacksonville. This single event earned Jacksonville a distinction it still enjoys today: we’re the largest United States city in land area than any other American city (outside Alaska).

Bold City Brewing Jacksonville FLWe are fortunate in Jacksonville that we have a great microbrewer like Bold City Brewery. Join them Saturday October 15th at 1pm to celebrate their 3 year anniversary.

If you love great craft beer as much as I do you need look no further than our local Bold City Brewery. While they offer many different styles of beer my personal favorite is Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale. This Saturday they will have a special release of Duke's aged in Woodford Reserve oak bourbon barrels. All pints will be only $2 including this special Ale Saturday so don't miss the anniversary  celebration.

Jimmy Conner Realtor -  Bloom Realty Bloom Realty Team Realty's newest addition is Jimmy Conner, who happens to have a long and colorful history in Northside Jax, with some serious "flying time" mixed in for good measure.
His Dad owned Oceanway Pharmacy on North Main Street for 40 years, which closed upon his passing in 1999. Jimmy's Uncle Ralph owned the Oceanway Hardware Store right down the road.  He grew up on the Northside, and his career literally "took off" when he went to work at Jacksonville International Airport right out of High School.  His work has taken him to some of the most beautiful, vibrant cities in the world, but he says he's glad to be back to thte place he's always called home.


Cars for Our Troops Event - Tinseltown Jacksonville FL

If you are a car nut like me you might want to check out this weekend's (Saturday) Car show "Cars For Our Troops," which is a fundraiser event to benefit Homes For Our Troops, a national non-profit organization that builds adapted homes for severely injured soldiers returning from war since 9/11.  The event is held at Wild Wings Cafe on Southside Blvd at Tinseltown, and will run from 10am to 1pm.

The show is FREE to the public so no excuses here!


First Time Home Buyers Short Sale Jacksonville
The pain, the wait, and the dwindling affection for bank work-outs have now, as they say, “entered the water supply.”
One indicator of the bottoming out of this market could be a rise in the buyer-to-frustration ratio.  When I bought my first home, if they told me I might not be able to move in for six months, two of the five stages of grief would have me in their grip: anger and acceptance. The bargain sales price comes with a liability that cannot be measured in money.   Continue reading after the break...
Pug Rescue at Anthropologie Town Center
Across the country, upscale retailer Anthropologie has partnered with animal welfare organizations by holding pet adoption events and supply drives in many of its stores — including the store at St. Johns Town Center on September 24th.  
What better setting to attract sympathtic dog-lovers that the stores where these customers shop.  Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, (MAPR) an all-volunteer group, determined that the welfare of these beautiful animals comes first.

Jacksonville Owner Financing

It’s time for buyers with poor credit to rethink about shrinking from their credit issues. Buyers slink slowly away from the home buying process, without asking the most basic question of the seller, or approaching the listing realtor with the proposition, “would the seller consider owner financing?”  Here’s the ironic part – many potential homebuyers can afford to pay for a home, but their credit score is the high barrier to realizing their goal.  More after the break...

Beatles in Jacksonville 1964

Jacksonville is one of the few cities on the Eastern coast that have been largely spared from the wrath of major hurricanes. However, in 1964 the big one hit. Hurricane Dora caused severe damage, and no part of the city was spared.   But, the very next day, on September 11, 1964, over 20,000 fans packed the Gator Bowl (now Everbank Field),  to see the Beatles. The lads from Liverpool did not disappoint.  They endured harsh winds, but they were undeterred, and so were the screaming fans.  (It is rumored that the winds were blowing so hard that Ringo Starr's drum set had to be nailed down to the stage).


Five things to be happy about in Jacksonville
Way back in 1990, author Barbara Ann Kipfer wrote a book titled, “14,000 Things to Be Happy About.”  I was strolling through the stacks as Chamblain’s Book Mine on Roosevelt about a month ago and I came across a copy.  The [physical] book itself is oddly constructed --  about two inches thick,  but small, about four by six inches, which gives it the appearance of the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionaries that people now over 40 used to carry around campus.  It was dog-eared and yellowed, and $2.00. On some of the items, the author and I might differ.  For example, she offered up that “a baby who doesn’t cry,” is something to be happy about.  I like baby’s crying -- on a plane, in a restaurant or movie theatre – largely because of the enjoyment I get watching the other 99% of the crowd get so peeved. It more than compensates for the irritation...

mls vs Facebook

I've always thought Superman could beat up Batman, but Spiderman could probably take 'em both. Once you get caught in that sticky web stuff, you're a gonner.

So MLS is Superman, with incredible powers. You list on MLS. No dodging a speeding bullet, but (no offense Clark Kent) Superman/MLS is high maintenance. Maybe it can't leap tall buildings, but it's a tried-and-true approach. Patch the holes, paint the bathroom, stage the furniture, hire an agent, and take a huge leap (in this case, a leap of faith). Caviat: I have nothing against MLS - it's a great approach, it's worked for decades, and it'll work when we're all dead and gone. In fact, it is such a known quantity that for most home owners it's simply what you do. It's the home sellers' equivalent of brushing your teeth.


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