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This Beautiful 5BR/3BA home is located in Wynnfield lakes Circle conveniently located off Kernan Blvd.  Watch this short video of this home.  For more information and detailed information please visit: 12222 Wynnfield Lakes Circle, Jacksonville FL Home For Sale

kt pizza jacksonville fl

For great pizza you don't need to fly to New York. We have a great pizza place right here in North Jacksonville called KT's Pizza They have great New York style pizza right here in North Jacksonville. In my travels across the world I've consumed tons of pizza but nothing compares to KT's. Along with great pizza they also offer many other wonderful Italian dishes, the Chicken Parmigiana is my personal favorite.

Also, don't miss happy hour Monday-Thursday from 2pm-7pm offering $1 Draft Bud & Bud Light or $2 Wine Inglenook Chablis

See you there!


Jacksonville Home Sellers

There's a common thread that runs through my discussions with my new clients who were previously unsuccessful in selling their homes. It's a touchy subject, those 300 days on the market, and what may have gone wrong. I start with the question, "What should we NOT do this time." It might be more palatable, and the few simple solutions can flow from that goodwill.  "What I need to do" is yet another pressure point for an already pressured home seller. Let's say, "I won't do X," this time.  It sounds easier already, doesn't it.  More after the break..
Send me your tired, your poor, your snails. The Florida Department of Agriculture wants to slow the population growth of the Giant African Land Snail, so they're putting out a call for homeowners to kill the sluggish beasts. I'm only writing this blog because I've never used the words "slow" and "snail" non-metaphorically in the same sentence, so I thought I should jump on it.  
I know what you're thinking. At the better restaurants you frequent, they're about $10 for the appetizer, and you only get six of them. More that 23,000 snails have been collected from nine areas in Miami-Dade County (quick calculation: 3,833 orders at $10 each. You do the math).   more after the break.
This brings to mind Robert F. Kennedy's famous quote: "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"
Q: Why does the seller rent their home?  
A: They don't know any better.  
Q: Why doesn't the seller use a Lease Option or Purchase? 
A: They don't know any better. 
It pains me to say it. Here's another bit of news that proves the point that the percentage of realtors offering the "why not," creative approaches to selling real estate is very, very small.  As of mid-2011, the Census Bureau cited a net increase of 1.4 million households that moved into rental housing –  4 percent more than the same period last year.  
So apartment rentals are going from dead "flat" to rising. Does this make sense with so many options for the "accidental landlord," i.e., they couldn't offload the property fast enough, so they're stuck?  The "accidental tenant" comes along with lots of income, albeit sporadically earned, or a credit score ding that's well on its way to healing, but hasn't disappeared fully enough for the bank to overlook it. I yearn for that day when we get the headline, "Rising Demand for Lease Options."

Oklahoma San Marco

Originally a farm on the banks of the St. Johns River, the area now known as San Marco was first called Oklahoma. Harrison Reed, a life long Oklahoman, was elected Florida’s governor in 1868.  Reed’s sister, Margaret Reed Mitchell and her husband, railroad tycoon Alexander Mitchell, still in love with their native Oklahoma, built their Florida winter home, Villa Alexandria, in Oklahoma Style on 140 riverfront acres, and  (oddly) named their new digs and surrounding area, “Oklahoma.” But in 1921, with the construction of the Acosta bridge, which connects San Marco to Downtown, industrialist Telfair Stockton bought 80 acres of land north of the Mitchell estate and the new “San Marco” subdivision name took hold.  The name is based on the Piazza di San Marco in Venice, Italy, which had impressed Mr. Stockton on a European trek. 

Jacksonville Neighborhood
There are other relevant factors to consider, apart from the initial neighborhood "look and feel" that typically turns a buyer on or off when looking for a home, with very little gray in between.  A September Blog post at talks about "How a Neighborhood Holds Property Value." 
It's a good time now, with low, low home prices, for buyers to consider a neighborhood that will likely hold its value over the long haul. How can you tell? Jobs and access to amenities.   More after the break...
If you’ve come this far, you are indeed a Survivor. Great theme for the 32nd Annual NEFAR/NEFBA Realtor/Builder Tradeshow coming to UNF this Thursday, October 20, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
And their tagline says it all: “Compete against the Mortgage Elements.”  It’s not Gilligan’s Island these days, but plenty of creative, resourceful Realtors and Builders are out there, anxious to show us all that we can still make fire. 
The University Center is at 12000 Alumni Drive on the UNF Campus.


Credit Score - CoreLogic
There's a company called "CoreLogic," that announced a new credit score service, CoreScore.  It promises to give banks deeper insight into a borrower's credit worthiness. No, it won't replace FICO, but it may be yet another factor in the complex calculations banks use. Though it won't replace them, if anything, it could help fill in some gaps.
CoreScore would look at things such as:
  • Consumer-specific bankruptcies, liens, judgments and child support obligations
  • Rental applications and evictions
  • Properties owned (with and without debt obligations)
  • Property tax amounts and payment status
  • Property legal filings, such as notices of default
  • Mortgage obligations with companies that may not report to traditional credit reporting agencies
  • Estimated market values on all U.S. properties owned
  • Inquiries and charge-offs from payday and online lenders
CoreLogic said in their press release that it will "help lenders mitigate risk by uncovering debt obligations, and increase new lending opportunities by identifying previously hidden credit behavior that could improve a consumer's credit profile."


Jacksonville Zoo Spooktacular 2011Don't miss the Halloween celebrations going on this month at the Jacksonville Zoo. October 20-23 and 27-31 from 6:30 to 9:00pm.

There will be candy stations throughout the zoo to satisfy everyones sweet tooth. The zoo just bought 675,000 pieces of candy for this event so there should be plenty to go around.

There will be plenty of family fun including a pumpkin patch, bouncy houses, DJ spinning family friendly halloween music and animal exhibits, plus much more.

We are fortunate to have a top notch zoo right here in North Jacksonville. Please come out and show you support for this great family fun event.

Tickets are $10 or $8 for zoo members. Kids under 3 are free. Purchase your tickets in advance online and save $1.


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