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Making a Neighborhood: Grease Rags Clothing Co.

(Image courtesy of Grease Rags Clothing Co.)

On today's Making a Neighborhood, we're talking with Cindy Platt of Grease Rags Clothing Co. in San Marco. Grease Rags Clothing Co. is Jacksonville's go-to shop for retro, pin-up, and vintage inspired clothing; and Cindy is one of the most charismatic people you'll ever meet! 

What makes Grease Rags Clothing Co. unique?


There are many things that make Grease Rags Clothing Co. a very unique place to visit, beginning with the merchandise the owner very carefully selects for her shop. All of the clothing is inspired by the 1940s and 1950s but offered in contemporary fabrics a sizes ranging from XS to 4X. Anyone who visits the shop will get personalized service from friendly staff (the owner on most days). We have been told that the boutique is a place many people come to decompress from a hectic week. Another thing that makes us unique is we have a full services barbershop right inside the store!


How would you describe your products to someone who has never heard of it?


The silhouettes are reflective of the shapes from the 1940s and 1950s. Think of the clothing from all of your favorite classic films but sew them from contemporary prints and sizes for everyone.


What is your most popular and most favorite Grease Rags Clothing Co. product?


Some of our most popular lines are Trashy Diva, Heart of Haute, Retrolicious, Effie’s Heart and Collectif. I spend many late hours picking the right items for the shop so I guess they are all my favorite!


(Image courtesy of Grease Rags Clothing Co.)


How has Grease Rags Clothing Co. grown since you started the business?


I started the business in 2014 with $6,000 cash. I was determined to make it work without amassing a great amount of debt. We originally were located downtown on Monroe Street in a 500 square foot space. It was a bit grittier with a slightly more punk edge. Since moving to the San Marco area, we have been able to expand our offerings to include many crossover brands, such as Effie’s Heart, which appeal to a broad range of clientele.

Has anyone shared a unique story about your shop? 

Here are some stories straight from the customers! 


"I've rediscovered my love of color, accessories, whimsy and above all have met some pretty interesting people and that always keeps things fresh in one's life. Cindy Platt is an engaging and smart lady who knows her product and has a good eye for style. My spirit is always buoyed following a visit to the shop. Note: park all distored self-images at the door. They have no place here!" - Anne


"I've been shopping at Grease Rags since it opened and I feel as welcomed there now as I did the first day it opened. I moved away from Jax 3 years ago and now make Grease Rags a destination when I visit once a year for my birthday. Cindy has gone so far as to help me pick dresses from across the country because she remembers my exact measurements as well as what works with my body shape. I can't tell you how much it means as a woman to shop for clothing and feel completely comfortable with my purchase. No buyer's remorse here!" - Billie 


"The Grease Rags shopping experience is probably the best shopping experience I've ever had. It's really great to be able to find pretty clothes for almost any size body. It feels very inclusive in the Grease Rags shop. The customer service is always fabulous too. Cindy and her staff are always very nice and helpful. They've always gone an extra mile to make me feel comfortable, confident and cute." - Jessica


What drew you to the San Marco area?


When I was a kid I would come through San Marco and think how neat it would be to have a shop here. When we decided it was time to relocate, it was a natural choice. 


What is your favorite aspect of the San Marco neighborhood?


We love the activity in the neighborhood on a daily basis. People are always out walking their dogs or riding bikes. Everyone is very friendly and always interested in supporting small business.


What are your favorite restaurants in the area? 


We love V Pizza, bb’s, Kitchen on San Marco, and of course our favorite neighbors European Street Cafe.


What is your favorite yearly event in Jacksonville?


I might be a bit biased, but my favorite event is the annual Rockabilly Prom to benefit ROCSTART (Rallying for Oral Cancer Support Through Art). I am a survivor of Stage 4 oral cancer. I created ROCSTART to raise funds to provide financial support to oral cancer patients.


Thank you so much to Cindy Platt of Grease Rags Clothing Co. for sharing your story! Making a Neighborhood is a Bloom Realty blog series featuring interviews with business owners, creatives, local legends and more; all of whom make a difference in Jacksonville historic neighborhoods. Learn more here


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