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Arlington has a colorful history. It was one of the first areas in the United States visited by Europeans, and the site of the French Fort Caroline in 1564-1565, now the site of Fort Caroline National Memorial Park. Not until after the civil war did Arlington open up the floodgates of residential developments, which were gradually absorbed into the Jacksonville community as it grew. The Matthews Bridge opened in 1953 and spans the St. Johns to feed directly from Arlington into Downtown. It's a straight shot over the bridge towards the Jacksonville Sports Complex with the Jaguars stadium, the Baseball park, Metropolitan Park and the Jacksonville arena. Arlington is also home to one of Florida's largest private four year institutions, Jacksonville University.

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Beach Road Chicken Dinners Jacksonville FL
Beach Road Chicken Dinners Jacksonville FL

It's place as a Jacksonville landmark restaurant is well-earned. If you could travel back 75 years to 1939, as the country was just coming out of the Great Depression, Beach Road Chicken would not look radically differently than it does today. Though over the decades, it has expanded (not a whole lot), and they still have lines-out-the-door on some nights. And their take-out business has practically overtaken their dine-in crowds. Hard to believe that in 1939, "take out" food was seen as a novelty that no one was sure would really catch on.


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